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Communications Czar Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

Guest Czar, Aman Agarwal, founder of global educational company Sanpram Transnational, joins us from New Delhi to teach us how to make complex subjects understandable and interesting to any audience.

Aman’s unique educational and professional background make him well suited to bridge the chasm that exists between the worlds of the technical and non-technical. In addition to training as an engineer in India, he traveled to China to study liberal arts. “Everything I learned about how to teach and how to explain things better came from my liberal arts background,” he told me. “I was a student of filmmaking and foreign languages and history; and these three disciplines, put together, whatever I know about teaching and explaining things, it comes from there.”

These experiences helped Aman form his unique perspective on how professionals in the tech sector, finance, pharmaceutical sales – or any situation where you need to present complex or detailed information or products to people to laypeople – can do so in a manner that will be easy for the audience to follow, engaging for them to listen to, and compelling for them to act upon.

Listen in and learn how you can:

*Follow the lead of filmmakers and design presentations that draw your audience in from the start

*Use easy to follow visuals to support your message

*Create a presentation that makes your audience the stars of the show

*And more!

Check out the Aman Agarwal’s website,, to learn about the world’s first technical fluency training program.