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Communications Czar Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

Just because Dave Bricker lived on a sailboat for 15 years and sailed across the Atlantic on a wooden boat doesn't mean he's the only one who has a story to tell!

Guest Czar Dave Bricker is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach who can help you use stories to connect with any audience. 

Dave's answer to the "What's on your nightstand?" question that we pose to all of our Guest Czars was unique -- and interesting -- referring to the audio version of "Shantaram: A Novel" -- a 40 hour audiobook that is so well narrated that Dave doesn't ever want it to end! 

*Time for the disclaimer: Purchasing the recommended book on Amazon using the link below is an easy way to support this podcast because Amazon provides a nominal commission through their affiliate program.

Shantaram: A Novel by Gregory David Roberts (Dave recommends the audio version!)

Here's how you can get more from Dave Bricker:

*His speaking/training/coaching website:

*His online public speaking course sending public speaking lessons to your inbox every week: