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Communications Czar Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Speech and Communications Coach Tiffany Foote joins us to share her insights into how you can have fearless and engaging presentations.

Tiffany, who earned her "Fearless Millennial" title in her workplace, has personally conquered her own fear of public speaking and now enjoys helping others to do the same. She focuses...

Aug 24, 2021

First a confession: when it comes to public speaking, my freak number is off the charts. I know most people don’t like talking in front of groups of strangers – or even groups of friends -- and I know that some people will go to great lengths to avoid those situations.

That’s where my freak factor comes in. I love...

Aug 11, 2021

Stop trying to fit in to the mold that the world is forcing upon you. Speak up and speak out. Express yourself, your thoughts, ideas, and convictions, and, in turn, you will give others permission to do the same. 

Find out more in Keith Fraser's new book, Cojones: Grow a Pair for success.

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Aug 3, 2021

Tyler Foley has been acting on stage and screen since he was 6 years old. Over the years he has learned exactly what it takes to connect with an audience, reframe self-doubts when speaking to groups, regain focus and composure and compel an audience to engage with the material you are presenting. 

In addition to...