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Communications Czar Podcast

May 26, 2021

Whenever someone says, "I'm calling my attorney," something is wrong. Most people try to stay far away from attorneys -- unless they work with Asha Wilkerson.

Asha has a refreshing approach to the legal profession, to communications -- and to life!

Listen in to this inspiring conversation to learn:

*How to prevent others from dragging you down

*How to give your prospective clients a peek into your personality

* How Asha created a career around her zone of excellence

*And more!

On Asha's Nightstand:

(if you use the Amazon affiliate links below to purchase either of the books that Asha is reading, you will get Amazon's great price and delivery while also be supporting the Communications Czar podcast -- thanks!)

Asha is currently reading, Paulo Coehlo's The Alchemist

(Asha is reading it in Spanish!) 

And for business books, Asha is reading:

Follow up with Asha to find out more about her membership and all of her other projects:

Her website:

Asha's Instagram: @AshaWilkersonEsq

You can read the Medium Article I wrote about Asha:

Meet The Attorney That You Would Actually Want Your Kid to Grow Up to Be: Lessons Learned from Asha Wilkerson