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Communications Czar Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

The idea of a new job with a higher salary, better working conditions, more intellectual stimulation, and lots of new opportunities for advancement sounds great.

There's a giant roadblock that comes between many people and their dream jobs: interviews. Job interviews likely share the same space as root canals on your list of fun ways to spend your day.

Before starting, Guest Czar Jeff Sipe spent more than a decade as a recruiter, including 5 years at Google, conducting thousands of job interviews so he knows exactly what you need to succeed. 

Some of the many insights Jeff shares in this episode include teaching you how to: 

*Curate Your Examples

*Make Yourself Memorable by Providing Visual Details

*Take Control of Awkward Questions

*Use the Benefits of Video Interviews to Your Advantage

*And more!

The last piece, and most critical, is to take those examples and actually practice with another human being because speaking it out loud is a game-changer,” Sipe relates. Practice answering questions of varying degrees of complexity in multiple ways. Move over, Nike; when it comes to the best advice for crushing your next interview, Sipe says, “Just Verbalize It!”

Jeff has tons of great advice, free downloads and more on his site:

Jeff does a YouTube Live every Wednesday at 10am Pacific where you can get your questions answered and he has a slack channel that you can access through his website.

Watch Jeff's YouTube Channel for more than 150 great videos with interview tips and answers to your interview-specific questions and dilemmas:

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