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Communications Czar Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

Meet our newest CommunicationsCzar, Brenden from MasterTalk. Brenden is a young purpose-driven entrepreneur and YouTube star who is singlehandedly democratizing communication training.

Brenden will teach you:

*The importance of “having dinner with your audience”

*3 Daily Public Speaking Exercises to elevate your speaking skills

*What you can learn from comedians

*The importance of working on foundational public speaking skills first

* How to convince your audience that you understand them as much as they do

* How to encourage participation and involve more people in you video meetings

*The keys to confidence

*And more!

You’ll enjoy learning from Brenden and sharing in his zeal for communication skills training and his passion to upgrade the way people think about public speaking.

To learn more about Brenden, search for MasterTalk on YouTube – and while you are there, check out the great new video that he just posted, "3 Lessons from Rappers for Presentations,"

Episode Transcript: