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Communications Czar Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

Listening Ambassador, Lyn Lindbergh, the featured Guest Czar on this episode shines the spotlight on some of the common practices that undermine our ability to connect with one another.

Lindbergh’s role as a Listening Ambassador was an outgrowth of a need that she saw in society, “I was thinking to myself, so many of our issues, so many of our personal struggles this year are coming out of a need to just be heard and be seen and coming out of quarantine, we just want connections and it comes out of listening. Its’ a constant, lifelong practice,” she enthuses.

If you want to build better relationships with clients, coworkers and your family, you’ll want to listen to Lindbergh’s advice and discover:

*The Cell Phone Mistake That You are Probably Making

*How to Curb Your Interrupting Habit

*The Importance of Cues for Appropriate Eye Contact

*And more!

The bottom line when it comes to listening, according to Lindbergh, is “The more you help the person who is talking feel like you actually care about what they are saying, the more they are going to share and the more honestly they are going to share and the more honestly and deeply they share, that’s power for you, that’s powerful, I think sometimes people mistake that listening is a thing of weakness and letting the other one talk over them no it’s understanding, it’s connecting in your communications.” That’s a true Communications Czar manifesto if ever there was one!

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